Zumba Dance Video :Oddly enough, one of the most popular and sought-after areas in fitness came about quite by accident.

One day, a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor Alberto Perez, when he came to the training session, discovered that he had forgotten to record the music under which he usually held classes. In order not to cancel the lesson, he took the cassette from his car – sultry Latin American rhythms sounded in the hall, and Alberto’s usual fitness movements “diluted” masterly with elements of his favorite dances – reggaeton, salsa, and Cumbia.

The group members liked such an extraordinary approach to the training so much that such training began to be organized more and more often, giving an impetus to the emergence of a qualitatively new method in the fitness industry. Moreover, Alberto’s lessons became so popular that Shakira herself invited him to become a choreographer for one of her albums.

In 2001, Zumba became the official brand – the company is actively engaged in the preparation of licensed instructors worldwide.Zumba is a cardio workout which takes large amount of calorie that is about 300 to 900Kcal with an hour.But it is safe for any age groups and some zumba classes aimed at elederly people to gain strength, improve motion and their posture.

Zumba dance video Uses

The main concept of Zumba dance video is continuous movement and positive attitude. Perhaps it is because of this bright fitness dance has a huge number of positive qualities:

By itself, bright incendiary music already brings a lot of positive emotions and gives a great mood.

Energetic movements in rhythmic Latin American music not only do not tire, but even vice versa – they charge with energy and positive.

If a standard fitness workout is difficult for many people – a feeling of tiredness and fatigue quickly comes, then with Zumboy, the time of occupation flies by almost imperceptibly.

One of the main advantages of zumba dance video this type of fitness – 

  • Zumba dance helps to use all muscle groups. After a few active workouts you can see a tangible result – a decrease in body volume and an increase in muscle elasticity.
  • Dance is a great way to work on posture, motor coordination, plasticity and grace, and Zumba dance video is no exception.
  • Unlike special dance classes, Zumba dance steps does not cause any difficulties even for beginners – all movements are as simple and clear as possible, and repeating them is not difficult.
  • The undeniable plus of Zumba dance is the huge health benefits, both physical and psychological. Hot rhythms not only help to escape from the daily routine, but also provide a friendly teamwork, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on overall health and mood.
  • Rhythmic, almost continuous movements beneficially affect all organs and systems of the body. It has been proven that during Zumba dance the level of the hormone endorphin, which is responsible for pleasure, rises in the blood; the metabolism is accelerated many times; blood circulation is improved; fast fat burning is ensured in the most “problematic” places.
  • For those who really want to try, but shy of their inexperience, there is a great opportunity to watch a few video lessons at home, practice, and then come to group classes with an instructor.
  • Currently, there are several main directions of this fitness dance, among which anyone will find what they are looking for: people who want to lose weight or just keep fit, the elderly, children and teenagers, girls who recently became mothers and continue to breastfeed baby, etc.
  • Undoubtedly, Zumba dance steps has great benefits for the figure. By reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone, the body acquires a more graceful shape, eliminating the likelihood of «pumping» (as opposed to strength training).