The choice of a Zumba class can not be random. In fact, an unsuitable choice can simply waste time and frustrate you. While the purpose of zumba is to allow you to move in a good mood.So, to properly choose your zumba lessons, you need to consider some key points:

First, you need to consider your age, your needs, and your expectations. There are actually different styles of zumba, including zumba fitness (zumba classic), toning and sentao (ideal for beginners). There is also zumba gold (for seniors) and zumbatomic (for children from 12 years).

On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful to choose only the course adapted to your level (beginner, advanced …).

In addition, before turning to a particular class, ask about the instructor. And for good reason, Zumba is a registered trademark and only instructors trained for its practice can teach it. But still, as for the fitness, the French legal provisions impose a diploma of State for the teaching of this sporting dance.

In concrete terms, the right instructor must hold the BEES (State Sports Educator’s Certificate, Formal Trades option). Also, be aware that training to become a zumba instructor is quite short. Therefore, there may be a difference of skills between the teachers. 

Similarly, courses may differ. That is why it is essential to ensure the quality of the course. The affluence of the practitioners and the atmosphere of the places can in this case play a determining role.

Why take zumba classes?

The benefits of zumba are undeniable. Very trendy, this activity can indeed help you to burn a lot of calories. In fact, one hour of practice allows you to lose on average 800 calories. In addition, there is nothing more appropriate to tone your muscles while doing a playful and motivating activity. Perfect for refining your figure and keeping fit, this choreographed dance also provides a sense of immediate well-being. Indeed, it is particularly effective in relieving tension and reducing stress.

Especially as it allows you to gain confidence and have a good time of relaxation. Moreover, since zumba is most often practiced as part of a group class, it allows for new friendly encounters. Practiced with family,

What muscles work during zumba classes?

A subtle mix of fitness and Latin dance, Zumba makes your whole body work. It also allows you to strengthen all the muscles in your body, including the heart. This is particularly the case of your abdominals, glutes, back muscles, arms and thighs. Indeed, the abdominals, the waist and the torso are particularly solicited during zumba classes. Specifically, the movements run essentially on these lower parts of the body. 

Anyway, the practice of this sporty dance is the insurance of:

  1. Have better endurance and improve your cardiac and respiratory capacities
  2. Gain flexibility
  3. Develop your body coordination and learn to move harmoniously

How to take a zumba class?

You want to take a zumba class, but you do not know how to do it and who to contact? Know that you have several possibilities: fitness club, sports association, dance school, etc. To find the course that meets your desires, the solutions are not lacking anyway. Word of mouth, social networks, flyers, websites …, find the right zumba course for your level will be a breeze. Especially since you do not have to reserve your place in advance to participate in the course.

Indeed, compared to other dance classes, zumba classes do not usually require registration. You come to class whenever you want. In any case, you must be well informed before going to any course, especially regarding registration procedures.

How is a zumba class organized?

A zumba class usually lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. And since this is a physical activity, always start with a warm up. The session continues with choreographies that encircle footsteps and Latin dance and fitness movements. Finally, it is necessary to carry out stretches which make it possible to avoid the muscle aches of the following day.

How to dress for a zumba class?

For a good practice of zumba, it is strongly recommended to wear a comfortable and adapted to the physical activities:

  • T-shirt or tank top
  • Legging or jogging
  • Sneakers or dance sneakers
  • In addition, bring a towel and a bottle of water.

What is the price of zumba classes?

Regarding the price of zumba lessons, it is important to inquire with the structure that offers them. In fact, the rates differ according to the style of zumba, the level, etc. You can still count on discounts, especially for family zumba classes.

How to create a zumba school logo?

General information

Zumba is an exercise of physical exercise based on dance movements. This technique is popular all over the world and unites people who love dancing and want to be in shape. This fitness direction is suitable for different age groups. It has millions of fans and schools are opening around the world. The task of the logo of the Zumba school is to attract the attention of the target audience.

Important tips

In the Description of the school, you can talk about the benefits of training, about its impact on different muscle groups, about complexity and the logo will help to create the mood. It has to draw attention and evoke associations with joy and celebration. Make the client understand that he will change himself, that he will find like-minded people and that he will forget the routine; Zumba is the best sport for beginners and anyone can participate in your program. The logo must motivate to act and be memorable.