The practice of children’s Zumba is ideal for children between 4 and 11 years, since it offers them the opportunity to stay active, dancing their favorite songs, while establishing social relationships with the rest of the group.

In the classes, the choreographies of the adults are worked, but adapted to each age group. Children will learn the steps little by little, through games and other activities.

Benefits Of Children’s Zumba

Any type of sport is beneficial for adults and also for children. And, in this sense, the Zumba was not going to be less. In recent years, his practice has become fashionable, for being ideal to keep fit, control weight and also have fun. For children, it is a very entertaining activity that also has multiple benefits. Know them!

Work Of The Rhythm

As with adults, there are children who have «more rhythm» than others. The truth is that, in childhood, any musical stimulus can be very beneficial in many aspects of the child’s cognitive and emotional development. In general terms, there is a generalized increase in coordinated movement and its motor possibilities.

Generally, the most skilled children will enjoy dancing with the Zumba. And those who find it a little harder to keep up with the music, will undoubtedly improve and feel better about themselves. A good alternative to improve the child’s self-esteem.

Physical Benefits

The Zumba is based mainly on the performance of aerobic exercises, which imply important benefits for the health of children. It helps prevent the accumulation of fat, get more flexibility, as well as strengthening bones, joints and muscles.

Habits Of Healthy Life

As the children grow older, the hours of study required are greater and the sedentary lifestyle becomes more present.

The zumba for children is perfect for them to stay in shape. We all know that educating children in healthy habits is essential so that, tomorrow, they will be healthy young people.

In this sense, Zumba promotes the creation and regularization of healthy habits. In addition, they are very likely to begin to become aware of the pleasure provided by the practice of physical exercise.

Improves Social Relationships

In Gym Kata Centro , in Salamanca, we know that Zumba classes for children , make them learn to integrate into the group and improve their social skills. It helps them to be more extroverted with the rest of the children and also helps them to overcome shyness.

Group Conscience

By being part of a directed class and becoming part of a group, the child will become aware of teamwork, leaving individualism aside. It helps them to keep in mind their own capabilities and limitations, and most important of all. It helps them to accept them!


The Zumba for children is a fun and great sports activity for children to relate the practice of physical exercise with fun.

In addition, just for the fact of learning to dance so different fashion songs, which surely they all know, will help them to maintain concentration and fun throughout the class.

Help Release Energy

Sports in general, and Zumba in particular, are perfect for very active children, who have large doses of energy to «burn». In this sense, the practice of Zumba will achieve calmer children, who learn to control their impulses and with greater ease to sleep at night.

Development In Values

The Zumba classes for children working important values such as respect, leadership, teamwork, memory, confidence or self – esteem, among many others.