Video for beginners Zumba workout training will open for you an emotional and cheerful dance style that will not let anyone get bored. Thanks to Zumba, you can develop muscles, make your body slim and attractive, as well as recharge your positive emotions. Zumba captures its Latin American flavor and positive. Repeat all movements behind our coaches and you will definitely learn how to dance in the style of Zumba!

We invite you to start watching online video for beginners «Zumba Dance», which is available at any time of the day or night on this site.

Zumba workout training is an amazing video lesson for those who like incendiary Zumba. Together with a professional instructor, you will begin to study the choreography for Shakira’s song “Waka Waka”. Zumba – this is your way to a great mood and excellent physical form. Each workout will be a real celebration for you and an explosion of emotions. 

For all Internet users, there is an opportunity to watch the video lesson “ Zumba workout videos ” on the portal online at any time. We wish you success!

The following benefits of Zumba workout training can be highlighted:

  • The study of the entire muscle complex.
  • The possibility of losing weight, creating a relief structure of the body.
  • Accessibility for people of any age and any level of physical fitness.
  • It can be held not only from specialized gyms but also at home, using music and video recordings.
  • Increases grace, the plasticity of the body.
  • Develops a sense of rhythm, improves coordination.
  • Gives confidence.
  • Charges energy.
  • Cheers up.

Zumba training system

The system of Zumba workout training also differs from a rather large variety. Today it includes several types of programs designed for dancers of different ages, with different levels of initial training:

«Kids» and «Kids Junior» will help to join the Zumba children from four years;

Zumba workout training

«Zumba Gold» provides an opportunity for the elderly to regain their youth;

«Toning» is suitable for those who wish to make their workouts as efficient as possible – this will be facilitated by the use of light weighting maracas;

“Step” will appeal to lovers of work with a step platform, this program allows you to quickly put in order the lower torso and legs;

How many calories are burned in training

According to the reviews, in 1 hour of Zumba’s classes, it’s quite possible to lose up to 900 calories. In fact, no one has conducted research in this area, so it cannot be said whether this statement is true.

It is known that an average of 500 calories is burned during aerobic exercise. Given that the fiery dance fitness lessons are not inferior to the intensity of aerobics, we can say that Zumba really helps to get rid of 500-800 calories per workout.

Zumba fitness training is as follows:

Warm-up, during which stretching and warm-up exercises are performed. Then the trainers show new Zumba dance movements. Further, the basic complex of Zumba fitness for beginners is carried out. Ending training for beginners mandatory exercises for relaxation and stretching. Wear the Zumba workout clothes so that you would feel comfier.

As for all the benefits of training «Zumba», then the list is much more: 

  • A complex of dance movements designed to work for all muscle groups;
  • Zumba workout online promotes weight loss, creating a toned and toned body;
  • Dance super mix is ​​available for people of different ages (including for the elderly)
  • Does not impose requirements on the degree of physical fitness, and therefore suitable Zumba for beginners;
  • Can be performed not only in a gym but also at home;
  • Increases grace, plasticity and develop rhythm, coordination;
  • Even a 30-minute Zumba workout can give you confidence;
  • Energizes;
  • Contributes to maintaining a positive perception of life.